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Thanh Sơn
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Course Description

DURATION: 3 – 4 years


LOCATION: HCMC Campus (234 Pasteur)


Program: Public Management
Program code: 
Education level: PhD
Form of education: 
Education unit: 
School of Business Administration, International University, VNU-HCM


  1. Overview

The objectives of Master of Public Management are to provide knowledge about human resource management at both local and international levels. It can be done by future public administrators who have visions, management skills, specialized knowledge and political perspectives so they can undertake management positions in the public sectors. The target audience of the program is staff who has management work not only in districts, departments, departments, but also extending to commune and ward levels. Moreover, the program is opened to candidates who currently work in businesses of all economic sectors and non-governmental organizations in order to improve their understandings of public management and applications in their works.


The program is designed to provide candidates with:

  • Solid knowledge of modern public management, how to apply knowledge of economics, finance, communication and scientific research methods to the formulation and implementation of the Party and State’s policies and guidelines.
  • Leadership, human resource management in public sectors.
  • Strategic visions and knowledge to formulate and implement effective public policies.
  • English proficiency, psychological knowledge, effective communications, and problem-solving skills.
  • Opportunity to exchange and learn public management experience abroad.
  • Opportunity to join in international conference in order to improve scientific research skills and publish research in public management.
  • Teamwork, presenting, media and public speaking skills.
  1. Career orientation and development:

On the completion of the course, candidates are provided with knowledge and skills in various aspects of modern public management: economics, public finance, leadership, communication, and public administration.

  • Ability to apply economic, financial, and social knowledge in the public policies.
  • Ability to analyze, formulate and implement public polies.
  • Leadership, human resource management and social communication.
  • Ability to identify economic and social issues and proactively report about them.
  • Ability to conduct research about public management.
  • Teamwork, presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Strong political will and good morals.
  1. Reference academic program (click here for more information)

About Instructor

  • Thanh Sơn


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