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Thanh Sơn
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Course Description

DURATION: 1,5 – 2 years


LOCATION: HCMC Campus (234 Pasteur)



Program: Electronic Engineering
Program code: 
Education level: Master
Form of education: 
Formal (full/part-time)
Education unit: 
School of Electrical Engineering, International University, VNU-HCM


  1. Reasons to choose this program at IU:
    Electronic Engineering is one of the most modern and important discipline not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. School of Electrical Engineering at International University pursues the most advanced studies in Electronic Engineering, preparing students to become great in both professional career and research pathway. Our course structure is based on training programs from many prestigious universities in the world, and the teaching staff is composed of dynamic and excellent professors. Moreover, teaching and research laboratories with modern equipment, which costs more than 3 million USD, allow students to penetrate in modern practical work.
  2. Research orientation and development:
    Master of Electronic Engineering includes 5 majors:
  • Communications
  • RF and Antenna
  • Microelectronics
  • Signal Processing
  • Automation/Control
  1. Academic program:

There are two main programs for Master of Electronic Engineering:

  • Coursework program provides students with foundation and professional knowledge in electronic engineering, namely communications, microelectronics, signal processing biomedical sensors.
  • Research program provides students with solid foundation before entering the specialized research pathway, maximizing student abilities to reach the international standards in addition to joining in the research and preparing for postgraduate studies.

4. Reference academic program (click here for more information)

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  • Thanh Sơn